Laborious Idleness (suburbangothic) wrote in seedy_city,
Laborious Idleness

The Lifeguard

As a rule, men outside of my own age don't interest me. The Lifeguard is an exception. Sure, he's a typical eighteen year old with nothing to offer conversationwise beyond small talk about weather and swimming and off-campus living in freshman year and pursuing his dreams of being a rockstar. I hum a droning cocktail lounge tune inside my head when he talks for any length of time, wondering if he ever nicks his head when he shaves it. Wondering if he uses a straight razor over the taut musculature of his nape, tiny fleck of blood welling up and running ever so slowly in a lazy curve over caramel tanned flesh. He's still talking about college, which he undoubtedly will drop out of, and my lips are tingly hot and wetted by tonguetip and breath humid rising against the hills and valley of his shoulder, catching the rivulet on my lowerlip and smearing a trail as I flatten my tongue against the velvet smoothness of his freshly shorn skull, tasting his salty metallic sweat and the peachy musky chlorinated skin scent. My heart is flipping and I exhale and lick my way agonizingly slowly down to the side of his neck, seeking the tendons and jugular for the pleasing *crunch* as he pulls away suprised by the clench of my canines, my hands palm flat against his naked back, hands that shift forward and downward over the hairless chest, the adolescent pecs and bare belly, crashing into the tops of his damp black nylon swim trunks. The pulsing throb from my depths controls our destiny, his uninitiated sexual confusion enveloped by my experienced Kali-like horniness and within minutes this svelte golden man-wall is straddling my chest, deliciously inflamed purple-headed cock constricted in a sweat and saliva slickened 38DD tit tunnel, his broad manual labor-free hands cupping the sides of my breasts, fingertips pointed prayerward with my penciltip eraser nipples sealed between while I pant and inahle and meet the tip of his tit plunging dick with a slurping enthusiastic tongue until his teeth grit and his eyes flinch and my neck and chin and rack are awash in the absolute sticky slick essence of youth. I sit up and pull him down halfway into a forceful kiss, pushing a tonguefull of his teen jism back inside his semi-opened full lips. Hooray for first snowballs of the relentless summer...
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