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Business trip to Germany

About August, I went out to Germany to have meetings with one of our German suppliers.

I’d been quite looking forward to the trip, as I was finally going to meet the people I’d been talking to on the phone for so long.

My main contact at the plant was a very sweet sounding girl called Claudia. She’d sent me some photos via e:mail so that I could almost put a face to the
voice, and it was a daily occurrence that we would flirt outrageously with each other during the course of the business day.

I got to the plan on the Friday morning, and on arrival was given an agenda for the day’s meetings.

The meetings all went well, but I had only had a chance to see Claudia once, and hardly had a chance to talk to her, so by mid afternoon I was a bit down
that I hadn’t had any chance to spend some time with her.

However, as the meetings relaxed towards the end of the day, we all got chatting about the evening, and the Directors of the plant decided that they would
take me out for dinner that evening, as I was in no rush to get back to the UK that evening.

As it turned out, we went out to the restaurant that was in my Hotel – at least it would make the crawl to my room slightly shorter!

I was pleasantly surprised when we arrived that Claudia was the one who had been tasked with going on ahead and getting a table for us all – a chance to
talk to her I wondered?

The meal was pleasant, and although Claudia and I did get a chance to talk, it was very difficult with all the Directors there with us.

I found it quite hard concentrating on the conversations we were having, not least because their English wasn’t good, but because I was transfixed by Claudia
in the flesh.

She was utterly gorgeous. She had lips I could melt into, a cleavage I could kiss endlessly, and the rest of her body gave me such a hard on that I had
problems keeping the bulge in my trousers out of sight all evening!

Sadly, midnight arrived all too soon, and Claudia was the first to leave – she made her excuses, and we exchanged kisses on the cheeks before she left.

Everyone else took that as their cue, and after what seemed like an eternal hand-shaking session, I was alone in the hotel.

I headed slowly up to my room, sad that Claudia wasn’t with me, but dying for a wank to relieve the frustration that had been building between my legs!

When I got up to my room, I got quite a shock – my bedroom door was slightly ajar.

I walked in slowly, searching for signs that any of my belongings had gone missing, when the room light clicked on.

My eyes just about popped out of my skull, and I quickly closed the door behind me.

There, on the bed was Claudia. She was reclined on the bed with her skirt hitched up, and her hand was inside her black lace knickers, moving slowly.

She smiled as I stood there, gazing at her.

“I just wanted to welcome you to Germany!” she said, rather matter-of-factly.

“Oh really; is this how all Germans welcome foreigners?” I jokingly replied.

“No” she sighed “it’s just my little way”

I closed the door behind me, and Claudia moved to the edge of the bed and stood up.

As she slowly undid my tie she casually asked “What time is your flight tomorrow?”

“I suppose I have to leave here about 10ish” I replied “Why?”

“Hmmm” she pondered “It’s better than going to the gym”

“Pardon?” I quizzed

She then looked up at me with soft eyes that made me melt on one hand, but get much harder on the other!

“Well, it gives us about 9 hours of good physical exercise”

Button by button she undid my shirt and slowly pulled it off, letting it drop to the floor.

She kissed my chest very tenderly and then knelt down in front of me.

Her delicate fingers undid my belt, and then my trousers, sliding them down as I slid my shoes off.

She then stood up, running a finger up my inner thigh until she reached my boxer shorts. Delicately she cupped my balls and again looked deep into my eyes.

“I want to make sure that these are drained completely, and not a drop is spilt!” she whispered.

We turned and she gently pushed me onto the bed. I edged up it until my head rested on the pillows.

Very slowly Claudia unbuttoned her blouse, and slipped it off her shoulders, displaying her sizable breast encased in a black lace bra.

She had the flattest stomach I think I have ever seen, which only exaggerated the size of her firm chest.

She then unzipped her skirt, and let it fall to the floor, and she stood there in just her lace lingerie and black hold-up stockings.

My cock was rigid by this point, and I noticed that it had risen out of the front of my boxer shorts.

“I’m glad to see that I’m having the desired effect” she smiled.

Claudia then unclipped the clasp at the front of her bra, and for a moment held it in place, before peeling it off exposing her breasts in their glory.

She then turned around, and bent right over, sliding her knickers down in the process.

As she stood there, bent over, she spread her legs, exposing her completely shaven pussy to me. I could see that she was already wet, and that her clitoris
was swollen. I wanted to take her there and then, but resisted.

Claudia then peeled her stockings down, one by one, and stood back up again.

Slowly she turned around, naked, and put her hands on her hips. I let my eyes scan over her naked flesh, taking in every millimetre of her gorgeous body.

As my eyes gazed at her completely shaven pussy, she looked down too before looking back up at me.

“Do I take it you approve?” she said with a coy smile.

I didn’t need to say anything – with my rigid cock now standing to complete attention she knew my response.

I sat up and slid my boxer shorts down, before lying back down again.

Claudia took my ankles and spread my legs wide apart on the bed, and then she knelt down on the edge of the bed in front of me.

She held constant eye contact with me, and I watched her, looking deep into her dark eyes as she reached up and closed her cool, slender fingers around
my solid shaft.

She held me quite tightly as slowly her hand started to move up and down from the base of my cock to my glans.

She casually licked the bulbous tip of my cock and licked her lips as she sampled my pre-cum.

I relaxed as the sensations became more pleasurable by the second, and then gasped as Claudia sunk her mouth over the end of my cock.

She hummed as her head moved up and down over my cock, and I was in heaven!

With her spare hand she kneeded my balls gently and I could feel myself getting close to the point of no return already.

She stopped sucking me for a second and smiled “that’s it just relax” she whispered “all I want is for you to cum”

Her hand speeded up as she slid her mouth back over my cock. I gripped the duvet as I felt the sensations between my legs grow, and I quivered as I lost
control, suddenly jolting as I came. Claudia swallowed hard on my thick fluid, and I could feel her squeezing my cock as if to try and get every last drop.

As I relaxed, she carefully licked up every drop from my cock, and she then moved up the bed and gently on top of me.

“Welcome to Germany” she said, giggling.

I chuckled, looking at her closely “That’s the best welcome I’ve ever had!” I replied.

Claudia was moving her hips on top of mine, and she moved slightly so that her wet labia were touching the tip of my cock, and I realised that I was still

“I know that you’re not ready just yet, I just want to feel you inside me” she whispered as she edged downwards. She parted her legs on either side of me,
and as I moved my hips, the tip of my cock started to enter her.

Claudia edged down a little more, and I was aware how tight she was.

She closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip gently as she slid right down my solid shaft until we were completely joined.

“That feels so good” she gasped, and she lay on top of me breathing quickly.

Claudia then carefully sat upright on me, and I held her waist gently.

She started to move up and down on my cock and she quivered as she sat down on me each time. She started to gasp things in German, and I couldn’t understand
a word she was saying, but by the sounds of it, and the fact that she was speeding up, she was enjoying herself.

She was running both her hands through her hair, and looked incredible, just moving on top of me. I looked down and watched as she rhythmically impaled
her tight pussy on my rigid organ, and she started gasping. Then suddenly she stopped.

She caught her breath for a moment, bend forwards, and then kissed me. She sat back up again, and then she showed how flexible she was. She raised one leg
right up and held it to her shoulder before swivelling around on my cock so that she was facing away from me.

She looked over her shoulder and gave me a wink. “Enjoy this view!”

She then started again, and I watched as her gorgeous backside rose and fell, and I could see how tightly her pussy was gripping my cock.

She was riding me hard now, and I could feel her tensing as she neared her peak, when she let out a suppressed shout, and shuddered frantically on me, as
wave after wave of her orgasm hit.

Her pussy squeezed my cock tightly and this was enough to send me over the edge too. I jolted as yet again my cock exploded, and I pumped my think fluid
deep inside her.

Together we went limp, and she slid from on top of me, gasping for breath.

She moved up along side me, and we held each other silently. Claudia gently stroked my balls and sighed something in German again.

“What was that?” I asked her

“Oh, I was just saying that the real thing is better than any toy” she said smiling.

“Toys eh?” I said jokingly “I never imagined you using toys!”

Claudia rolled to the edge of the bed and reached into her bag. She then rolled back to me and proudly showed me a large silver vibrator.

Very slowly she ran her tongue along it’s length, and sighed.

“Would you be surprised if I told you that I’d had this inside me all through dinner this evening?”

I raised my eyebrows and laughed “Really?”

“I spent the whole meal imagining that it was you filling me up” she said quietly.

“You didn’t let on at all!”

“Oh, like I’m going to announce to everyone round the table that they should leave as I want to bend over the table and have you screw me!” she said mockingly.

“I didn’t mean that!”

“I was getting worried that my nipples were showing after my first climax at the table”

“First! – How many times did you cum?” I said, getting turned on again just at the thought.

“I lost count” Claudia said, leaning forward and kissing me.

We had a laugh before cuddling up and dozing off.

The following morning I did manage to make my plane, but only just!
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hooray for relations! three cheers for toys!
Oh man, now I'm ready to get home!
that was really good... i can't wait for more...

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