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Cross Posted here and there...(pardon some tense shifts)

His dick slides between my thighs. I feel the head of it pressing against my pussy and a growl of hunger resonates through me. My legs slip up over his back, the backs of my knees over his hips, and pull him into my body. He gets the gist and relaxes, burying himself inside me so deep I swear I can taste every drop of pre-cum in the back of my throat.
    He groans as the warm, wet hole at the base of my body clenches around his cock along with the rest of me. He arches his back and winces when he feels my fingernails break the skin. The scent of blood invigorates me, drawing my hips into motion to grind the sparse patch of hair on my pubis against his. Already I can feel his arms going weak.
    I don't want him to cum yet, so my hold on his lower half loosens. He speeds up. The sound of skin slapping against skin, the jerking of my body up and down, the sturdy meeting of human form. He is tensing up. I lick my bottom lip, lean up and take his between my teeth, biting softly while my heels lock and pull me up to mold against his body.
    I am suspended below him, reeling in a dream where I am nothing more than a warm bag of flesh to fuck to his heart's content. I curl up to greet his cock and give him every last inch inside me he can take. He does. I can already feel the bruises coming on the bottom of my ass and inner thighs.
    When he comes, he roars. It echoes off the inside of my mind and he knows that he's not to stop fucking me yet. I focus on the knowledge that the inside of my cunt is being sprayed with the thick, white cum of a man I love, but whose name I'll never remember.
    His motion has become erratic, the old rhythm abandoned for the mutant meter that can only be found in a man mid-orgasm. It's born of a little death that demands enough coherence to not give in, to continue grinding their hips against you. He twitches and his pelvis shudders against my clit. It was the last taste of his body my pussy needed to finally let go.
    My hips buck up against him, my back arches. I grab the sheets and even hear them tear as the wave crushes itself against me and washes out through my cunt. My bladder feels full, but I know that's not really the truth. I'm just wet enough to return the favor and it gushes from my pussy onto his crotch.
    For a moment he's scared, he pulls out, unsure of what's happening. But my hand snaps to my clit, because I want to keep the ride going. It doesn't take much effort once it starts and my writhing is enough to sate him long enough to realize that with every grind onto my fingers another stream of drip erupts to greet him.
I was too busy to tell at the time, but in retrospect, I know I caught him smiling as his head dipped below my line of sight. It was invigorating to feel his tongue probing my well-used hole. Knowing he was happily lapping at the mix of cum and drip and new spit. I reached between my legs, splaying my pussy. I grabbed the back of his head and moved my hips in a circle over the flat of his tongue.
    My lower half trembled time and again until another round of orgasm hit me and sent me spraying directly into his face. When it was over and the final grunts were but a memory, he rose tentatively - staring at me with coal black eyes. I knew what he wanted, and so I took him by the back of the neck and brought him closer. We share a kiss that's dirty and raw and deep. It's a kiss of absolute love.
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